Servgas Aqua Powered System

Here we have a Servgas IBF250 Gas hot water system for sale.



Servgas Hot Water was established in 1990. Servgas is a family run business and proud to still manufacture in Australia, with the highest detail to quality and service.

The Servgas Hot Water system is an under bench unit which is unique in the market, it is an internal balanced flue hot water system. It replaces old style models such as the Chaffoteaux Bayard 10 and Pyrox; this is a compact unit and will replace most existing under bench systems without altering brickwork. This is perfect for the 1-2 bedroom flats where space is limited. The outer Chassis, internal and external flue is made from Galvanised steel and is finished with a tough heat resistant polyester powder coat. The system delivers approximately 600 litres per hour and has a star rating of 5.8 stars which is one of the most efficient on the market and no electricity needed.

Servgas Product Brochure

Product Description
It works on a heat and flow principle.
Temperature control with a single knob.
It can deliver temperatures from 30oC to 75oC.
Delivers sufficient hot water for multi point installation.
No electricity needed.
No battery needed.
Environmentally friendly.
Burnt gases expel through the same flue terminal.

The Servgas AQUA POWERED System.
Delivers hot water 24hrs/ 7 days a week.
Never running out of hot water.
No wasted energy in storing hot water.
Sufficient hot water for multi tap installation.
Can be installed in a single dwelling.
Ideal for multi floor buildings.
Installed from inside the building.
Room seal balanced flue system.
Draws air for combustion and expels all burnt.
Gases through the same flue terminal.

Gas Type: Natural Gas
Technical Heat Input: 68 Mj/hr
Water Flow rate raised: 8.4 L/min
Water Pressure KPA,: 30min to 800 max
Burner Injectors (12) @ 1.20mm
Pilot Injector (1) @ 0.56mm
Gas Pressure: Inlet 1.13 Kpa Burner 0.80Kpa
Annual Energy Consumption (Mj/year): 19238
Energy Star Rating: 5.8
Red Band Shading (Degrees): 173.3
Hot Water Output @ max gas rate: 15.1kW
Hot Water Output @ min gas rate: 7.8kW

Warranty: 5yrs Heat Exchanger, 1yr Parts and Labour
LIFETIME Labour Warranty if system is installed by Atomic Hot Water

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