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Rheem 4A1315

Electric Storage

Dual handed cold water connections, a hot water connection at the top of the water system.

Rheem Metro Max 26

Gas Continuous Flow

Rheem Q Factor™ — ensures rapid hot water every time, with none of the fluctuations that occur with some continuous flow units

Rheem Hot Water Systems

The Rheem Manufacturing Company was founded by Rheem brothers Richard and Donald in 1925. They ventured into manufacturing Rheem hot water systems when they opened a branch in Australia in the 1930s when initially they started galvanised steel drums production. Australians can’t deny their knowledge and trust of Rheem hot water systems, making it one of the leading hot water and HVAC systems manufacturers globally with various offices in different parts of the globe.



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Continous Flow Hot Water System

Rinnai HD200E

The HD200e is Australias most popular commercial continuous flow water heater.

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Rheem offers a wide range of product lines in Australia for residential and commercial clients. Here’s the list of Rheem’s product categories available in the country:

Rheem Gas Storage

Rheem Gas Storage water heaters are perfect for growing families as they come in various ranges suiting any sized family. They have five ranges in this category.

  • Rheem Stellar® Gas Water Heater

    • With its fast replacement system, Rheem Stellar gas hot water systems enable households to use multiple taps simultaneously, while its 5 Star gas energy efficiency can save you money. This range is perfect for larger households with more significant water consumption. It is the top of the line of the entire range and an Australian family favourite.
  • Rheem 5-Star Gas Water Heater

    • A step down from the Alpha Stellar range but still delivering superior quality is the Rheem 5 Star which is designed to be more affordable and suits the needs of medium to large families. It has a 130L capacity and a robust 145L per hour hot water recovery, meaning there won’t be any downtime so that you can enjoy your hot water anytime you need it.
  • Rheem 4-Star Gas Water Heater

    • Rheem 4 Star gas hot water systems save you money on bills and reduce your carbon footprint as it uses less gas compared to older systems. This range is perfect for households who are on a budget or do not consume water.
  • Rheem Indoor Gas Water Heater

    • Rheem Indoor gas water heaters come in a 135L and 170L capacity. As the name implies, this system is built for indoor installation making it less prone to wearing down than outdoor units.
  • RheemPlus® Gas Water Heater

    • Finally, the last of this range is the RheemPlus, designed with extra safety features having a maximum temperature of 50°C, making it safe to use even for children. Comes in 160L capacity and 145L first-hour hot water recovery.

Rheem Gas Continuous Flow

Rheem Gas Continuous Flow Systems have at least 6 Star energy rating. Offering two (2) significant ranges in this system, all of which have 10-year warranty are compact and space-saving, making it the right choice for households with limited spaces.

  • Rheem Metro Gas Continuous Flow

    • Rheem Metro is available in different capacities—16L, 20L, 26L. The innovative aspect of this range is its ability to be controlled solely by a remote, saving you some time in accessing the main system.
  • Rheem Pronto Gas Continuous Flow

    • Rheem Pronto instantaneous water heaters have a 5.9 energy rating and a 16L capacity. An electrical connection is not required since this range uses an inbuilt hydro-electric generator lighting the gas once the tap is used.
  • Rheem Gas Continuous Flow Accessories

    • Rheem gas continuous flow systems also provide a range of accessories such as Bathroom & Kitchen Temperature Controllers, Pipe Covers, Flue Diverter, to name a few.

Rheem Electric Hot Water System

Rheem Electric Hot Water Systems are available in a portable 25L water heater to a massive 400L tank capacity. Warranty starts at 7-years, and can go up to 10-years with select units.

  • RheemPlus® Electric Water Heaters

    • Similarly built as the RheemPlus® Gas Water Heater, where everyone in the family, even kids, can safely enjoy hot water.
  • Rheem Stellar® Electric Water Heaters

    • Rheem Stellar® Electric Water Heaters can fit into cupboards or under the bench but still is very much reliable when producing hot water. Due to its compact design, this unit can easily be moved around should a need arise for it. It saves you money on electrical cost, as its energy efficient with 4.8% better performance than MEPS.
  • Rheemglas® Electric Water Heaters

    • Rheemglas® Electric Water Heaters are designed to fit tight spaces, saving you more room. It comes in a portable 25L capacity, 50L and 80L. This range is perfect for individual usage.

 Rheem Solar Hot Water Systems

In Australia, solar-powered appliances and equipment are popular due to government incentives. Thus the Rheem Solar Hot Water Heater line was developed. Rheem Solar Hot Water Systems have both frost and non-frost resistant products withstanding climate changes and independent of your area.

  • Rheem Hiline® Solar Water Heater

    • Usually two (2) solar panels are installed for this system and contain an electric booster guaranteed to provide you water despite overcast days. Capacity ranges from 160L to 305L.
  • Rheem Premier Hiline® Solar Water Heater

    • With complete frost protection, the Rheem Premier Hiline® Solar Water Heater is ideal to use in areas with cooler climates. However, you need a spacious roof to ensure installation is a breeze since the storage tank and solar collectors are both mounted on the roof.
  • Rheem Loline® Solar Water Heater

    • Rheem Loline® Solar Water Heater is perfect for households with limited roof space since this system also comes with a ground-mounted tank aside from solar panels. Unfortunately, this range is not resistant to frost.
  • Rheem Premium Loline® Solar Water Heater

    • Rheem Premium Loline® Solar Water Heater has a tank capacity of 270L, sufficient for a maximum of five (5) people. It’s built with a unique Drain-BackTM heat exchange technology ensuring complete frost protection in cooler climates, although it can also be used elsewhere.

Rheem Heat Pump Water Heater

Rheem Heat Pumps are considered the next-generation water heaters. It is one of the newest innovations in the hot water industry globally. Unlike solar-powered water heaters, heat pumps can still operate at night as it can sense even the heat during these times of the day. Households which don’t have the capacity to use solar panels can opt to choose Rheem Heat Pump Water Heaters and experience just the same quality and reliability.

Rheem Heat Pumps are designed to help you save costs while reducing carbon emissions. It is also built with a backup electricity supply enabling you to use hot water while the system bounces back from converting natural energy to match your water usage.

Rheem Pool Heater

Rheem values family time; in Australia where summers can be sweltering, pools at home are becoming a trend. Rheem Pool Heaters provide pool heating to both residential and commercial areas to continuously use the pool even during the cold months of the year.

Rheem Raypak range can heat up any size of pool or spa, regardless if it’s indoor or outdoor. With a child-lock function, you can enjoy swimming time without worrying about your kids’ safety. 

Rheem Hot Water Systems Products and Prices

  • Rheem Metro 26
  • Rheem 315 Litre Hot Water System 
  • Rheem 50l Electric Water Heater
  • Rheem 26l Continuous Flow
  • Rheem 80l Electric Water Heater
  • Rheem 250l Electric Water Heater
  • Rheem 125l Hot Water System
Rheem hot water systems can last you between 5 to 15 years depending on regular maintenance and water conditions. To prolong your unit, make sure you have it serviced with a 5-year interval.
Rheem Hot Water System is among Australia's leading, most trusted water heater brands. They manufacture highly durable and reliable water heaters, with warranties up to 10 years.
Brothers Richard and Donald Rheem founds Rheem Manufacturing Company. With over 16 company locations stretching from Australia to the Middle East, Rheem Hot Water Heaters are consistently made with the same quality and grit providing customers with a quality hot water experience.
Atomic Hot Water offers a variety of Rheem Hot Water Systems. You can contact us at 1300 763 734 so that we can help you decide on which system to get to suit your hot water needs.
It’s possible to install Rheem Water Heaters on your own, but we highly suggest you seek the help of licensed and certified plumbers to do it for you to ensure that installation is done correctly. Our team of professional plumbers can take the task off your hands to let you enjoy your day and not worry about the installation. To book our water installation service, you can fill out this form

All Rheem Hot Water Systems come with a manual. However, if you catch yourself losing the manual, you can look it up online. The best thing to do is to contact a professional to help you address your concern better.

Rheem Hot Water Systems Service Area

  • Strathfield
  • Burwood
  • Drummoyne
  • Balmain
  • Glebe
  • Rozelle
  • Five Dock
  • Leichhardt
  • Newtown
  • Concord

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