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Yew Chong
I organised hot water system replacement quotation online. Only needing a phone call and a few following-up emails before and after services. Atomic Hot Water Repairs helped to replace the hot water system in timely manner and very good services. Thank you.
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Tom Drozdek
Great professional team and good communication. Turned up on time, did amazing work and cleaned up after themselves. Thanks Atomic Hot Water Repairs. Can highly recommend.
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Marly Chan
Prompt and excellent service in replacing our water heater. No problems encountered.
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Margaret Phillips
the guys at Atomic were first rate, good communicators, left the job neat and tidy, all you could ask for.
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Selph Health Studios
Quick and efficient service for repairs to water hot system. Highly recommend
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Yong Wang
Quick and reliable service!
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Richard Goffin
For quite some time, we had been having all kinds of trouble with our hot water. Just trying to wash dishes or shower was sometimes impossible. We contacted Atomic Hot Water, they sent someone out that day. Our water heater was taken away, repaired and re-installed in about an hour. All at a reasonable price. We have not had such great showers in years.
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Ibrahim Wahlan
Happy with his service . Recommend in the future
AD CMMTcibM89su7bnhOPFc8OUfHlqtwqQBQS9cib7S9FT4b4vDY=s120 C Rp Mo Ba2 Br100
graeme welsh
Used atomic hot water to remove an old/rusted tank from the roof, they were polite, courteous, highly professional and made light of the task at hand. Good communication and would recommend them for any work related to solar tanks!


We suppy and install the following brands
Rheem 1
Rinnai 1
Bosch 1
Aquamax 1

Getting your hot water flowing fast.

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We suppy and install the following brands


Whilst you are waiting for professional help, you can turn your water off at the mains connection. The tap should be somewhere near the front of your property. If you are in a unit block or duplex we suggest you check with your fellow residents first.
You can stop power to your unit by switching off the fuse in your power box. Just switch off the fuse relating to your water heater and wait for professional help.
Hot water heaters are often in tight spaces, especially older models. We will do our best to minimise mess and any impact to the surrounds whilst we repair and/or replace your heater. We have seen water heaters in a lot of imaginative places!
We recommend you vacuum the filters at least once a month during winter or when the heater is most in use. You also need to service your heater every 12 months to get the most out of it. When we service your heater, we check the gas and inlet pipelines, ensure the injectors are not blocked or attracting build up. We blast compressed air through your heater to remove any excess dust or debris that will compromise performance. We ensure the filters are comprehensively cleaned and also give it a general wipe down and polish, ready to be at its best in your home!
We will turn around your room heater service in under 48 business hours. If we find anything requiring repair, we will contact you to let you know. This may delay the turnaround time.

We are the only hot water company in Sydney that offer a LIFETIME Labour Warranty!

We Service all Popular Brands starting from $99