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Rinnai Infinity 26

Gas Continous Flow

Never run out of hot water again by converting over to a Natural Gas Rinnai Infinity 26 Continuous Flow Hot Water System!

Stiebel Eltron DHF15C

electric instantaneous

This hydraulically-controlled instantaneous water heater, with two-stage temperature selection, offers high output in the tightest of spaces.

Continuous Hot Water System

Continuous hot water systems are more flexible and space-saving as they are installed as wall-mounted units, instantly producing hot water whenever you need it, unlike tank water heaters that make you wait. This is why it’s also called an Instantaneous hot water system, tankless hot water system, and on-demand hot water system.






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Continous Flow Hot Water System

Rinnai HD200E

The HD200e is Australias most popular commercial continuous flow water heater.

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How Does Continuous Hot Water System Work?

When a tap is turned on, cold water is pushed through copper piping triggering the flow sensor that initiates the heating process. Burners are triggered in a gas system like a heating element is triggered when you use an electric system. The heat from the burner or heating element heats the water through a heat exchanger, producing hot water ready for use. Remember that water is only heated when you open your tap. Otherwise, the unit will turn off.

Why Choose a Continuous Hot Water System?

Continuous hot water systems come in various sizes, capacities, and fuel types. As mentioned earlier, continuous water heaters can use gas or electricity and can also be installed as a booster for solar hot water systems. Concerning the capacity, it’s crucial to identify the flow rate in litres per minute (L/min). The greater the flow rate, the more outlets in which can hot water can be delivered.   Continuous hot water systems are perfect for smaller families with low water consumption and limited space. Initial costs would be a little bit expensive, but operating costs and maintenance will save you more money in the long run. 

Advantages of a Continuous Hot Water System

  • Continuous hot water supply – you’ll never worry about running out of hot water or refilling a tank.
  • Instantly heats up water ready for use – there won’t be any downtime in waiting to use hot water; when you open the tap, hot water will flow.
  • Saves fuel as the system is off when not in use – it doesn’t require continuous use of fuel since it will only turn on when tap is opened, nor does it need to sustain water temperature as a tanked system does.
  • A tankless system requires minimal maintenance and is space-saving – since the unit is wall mounted, it doesn’t take up so much of your space; plus, it can be installed near a power outlet.

Disadvantages of a Continuous Hot Water System

  • Insufficient for larger households with greater water consumption – bigger families require more water supply; thus more outlets need to be serviced.
  • Gas and electric systems produce gas emissions – any fuel can contribute to greenhouse gasses despite being used only when needed.
  • Limited water flow rates – the more outlets you need hot water supply, the higher the required flow rate is; there’s a potential to carry out limited hot water supply or only serve limited outlets.

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We supply, install and service all major brands. We provide service for all types of gas, electric, solar and heat pump hot water heaters, whether to supply a new one, service or replace an existing one or even upgrade or relocate your hot water system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Continuous Hot Water System

Installation requirements depend on the type of continuous hot water you plan to get. If you have a gas system, ensure access to gas reticulation. If you have an electric system, accessibility to at least two power outlets near the tap is necessary. A good rule of thumb is to count the people within the household, how many taps you have (especially the bathroom), and what's your water consumption like—are you heavy users or not? We can advise you further if you're having trouble assessing your current needs.
Continuous hot water systems are less efficient than tanked systems because of the higher water wastage potential resulting from the continuous water flow required to trigger the heating process. During that process, it takes a while for the water to hit the right temperature.
Continuous hot water systems can be used with either gas or electric systems.
Yes, since water is only heated when needed. Otherwise, the unit is turned off, thus using less fuel.
No, flow rates tend to be lower in colder areas.


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