Hot Water Problems: Electrician or Plumber?

Electrician Or Plumber For Hot Water Issues

Do you have hot water problems, but you don’t know which Tradie to call?

When your hot water systems start having problems, deciding which Tradie to call is a common dilemma. Truthfully, there is no direct answer to the question. When you have hot water problems there are several factors that you have to consider or find out. To guide you in deciding which Tradie to call when your water heaters act up, we’ve listed some questions and guidelines that you can follow.

When to Call an Electrician or a Plumber?

The first thing you can do is recall when your hot water system starts acting up and ask yourself if you heard the circuit breaker or any part of the system short circuit, spark slightly, or smell burnt plastic. If you can’t recall any of these happening, you may do an initial inspection on your hot water system. Look for significant changes in the system’s exterior and the condition of the pipes and other accessories.

Once you are done with the initial inspection, gather the information because here is the guide on how electricians and plumbers fix hot water system issues.

Call an Electrician when:

Electricians fix problems involving the circuit breaker, electric wires connecting the hot water systems to the power line, and some temperature-related issues. If you notice short-circuiting and smelled something burning, it’s the circuit breaker and needs to be fixed by an electrician. If the problem is with the water temperature supplied to your taps and showerheads you might also need an Electrician. The root cause can be the thermostat, off-peak switch, or booster for solar-powered water heaters. The electrician should also fix these components because they connect directly to the power line.

Call a Plumber When Hot Water Problems Involve:

Licensed plumbers or hot water specialists fix everything involving the hot water system except for electrical issues. When your hot water system runs into trouble, they are your main guys for your hot water issues. To be more specific, here are some of the most common water heater problems plumbers fix:

  • Water Leaks

    Water leaks on hot water systems can come from different components. The main parts you should check for leaks are the storage tank if you have one, the pipes, and the screws if they are loose. We tighten loose screws and connectors and replace pipes or tanks with leaks to fix this issue.

  • Water Quality

    People with hot water tanks can experience changes in water quality, usually from minerals corroding the tank like magnesium. As sediment accumulates and rusting continues, the water turns brown and has an acrid smell, making identifying the problem manageable. We first drain the contaminated water and then clean the tank by removing the built-up sediments when fixing this problem. However, sometimes the tank is too damaged and needs to be replaced with a new one.

  • Noisy Tank

    The sound of boiling water is typical when you have a hot water tank, but your tank has too much sediment build-up already when it gets louder. The movement of water inside the tank can cause the sediments to bang on the tank’s walls, creating more noise. Similarly, we drain the water from your tank and remove all the built-up deposits to reduce the noise.

Now that we’ve provided you with a guideline on who to call when a problem with your hot water system arises, we hope you’ve learned something from this blog. However, the best thing you can do is schedule regular maintenance with your electrician and plumber. It will help avoid or minimise the issues with your hot water systems.

Still Unsure Who to Call for Hot Water Problems?

If you live in Sydney and can’t tell whether you need a plumber or electrician, call Atomic Hot Water at 02 9716 0252. As we are a team of licensed plumbers and electricians, we can fix everything involving hot water systems, whether plumbing or electrical related. Atomic Hot Water offers a full range of specialised hot water services from installation to repair and maintenance. We also have an online shop of hot water systems if you think of replacing your old unit. We are carrying the leading and most trusted brands of water heaters in Australia in the shop, and we are confident that we can match your needs to one of our units. So to make sure you choose the right person for the job, save yourself the hassle and call Atomic Hot Water to take care of both types of problems with your hot water system!

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