6 Hot Water System Emergencies & How to Solve Them

Your hot water system will inevitably break down while you are using the unit, and most property owners wouldn’t worry but try to figure out how to fix it on their own. It would be best to know about these hot water system emergencies and how to solve them when the time comes so that you know what to do when these unforeseen events occur. 


6 Hot Water System Emergencies & How to Solve Them


 1. No hot water.

You can quickly notice something is wrong with your hot water system when not enough hot water comes out of your tap. There could be a problem with your hot water system circuit breaker, the thermostat/element is not working correctly, or your hot water is cooling in the pipes on the way to the tap, etc. 

It is best to check your fuse box and switch the hot water breaker back on in case it gets tripped. You could replace the gas bottle if you have a gas water heater system. If all else fails, immediately call your trusted licensed plumber to check on the hot water system issue.


2. Your hot water stinks.

It is essential to our daily lives because we use clean water to shower, wash our clothes, and cook. But when your hot water smells like a rotten egg, this is a clear indication that there are bacteria infestations. Sulphate bacteria that can develop in the tank causes this foul odour. The optimal solution to this emergency is to immediately call your trusted plumber for a simple tank flush.  


3. Noisy hot water system.

It is not a good sign when your hot water system makes rumbling, popping or even banging sounds when you are using it. A noisy hot water system could mean that there might be sediment build-up in its heating elements. You can solve these water system emergencies with a flush and de-scaling routine.

You could also check your hot water anode if it needs replacement because it causes the system to build up.


4. Your hot water leaks.

Your hot water system will not work correctly if your water heater leaks. One of the signs of a leak is when you notice water pooling at the base of your water heater, or it might run on the side of the hot water tank. You need to check for faulty valves if it needs to be replaced, or at times, unwanted sediment build-up causes the valve to be clogged. You can solve sediment blockages by cleaning them out. Do not hesitate to call your professional plumber if the water leak is elsewhere.


5. Low hot water pressure.

Another water system emergency is about having low to no hot water pressure. You need to check on the valves, the water pressure regulator and possibly a hidden leak that may cause this. For older homes, there are some cases where it could be a mismatch in plumbing pipe sizes or your existing hot water system capacity is insufficient for your household usage. 

Some hot water systems have a filter, so you need to check if the filter is not blocked with any sediments that could cause blockage over time.

It is vital to check all possible causes of your low hot water pressure and don’t DIY your way to fixing them. Having a trained plumber repair it for you is the way to get your hot water back running in no time.


6. Inconsistent water temperature.

Waiting for the proper temperature of the hot water in your tap to flow is dreadful, especially if you are already in your birthday suit and ready to shower. A faulty hot water tempering valve is the leading cause of inconsistent water temperature since the valve’s purpose is to blend the hot and cold water at an adjustable ratio that would flow directly to your pipes. Loss of hot water supply, lack of pressure or reduced hot water temperature are the enormous effects of having a faulty hot water tempering valve. 

It would be hard for untrained individuals to detect such a problem. It would be more cost-effective to replace the faulty valve than purchase a new hot water system. 

That is why it is best to have this checked by licensed plumbers to assess the valve’s functionality fully or if you would need to replace your hot water system. 

As a property owner, to prevent spending thousands of dollars to solve this problem, it is best to keep an eye on its normal functions and have it checked by trained professionals when hot water system emergencies arise.

Not sure whom to call to solve this hot water system emergency? For professional help, you may call Atomic Hot Water at 9716 0252 for reliable 24/7 service to keep your hot water systems functional and safe.


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