5 Signs You Need Hot Water Maintenance

Not Sure If You Need Hot Water Maintenance?

Imagine waking up to a cold morning and you have to brace for the day, so you go to prepare a hot shower and all you get is freezing cold water – it is very disappointing. Hot water system maintenance is often forgotten about until things don’t work, and then things become very obvious, very fast.  

We have put together some signs to be aware of to assist you in keeping your hot water system upgraded and always ready for action. 

Know When You Need a Maintenance With These 5 Signs

1. Old Unit

How old is your hot water system? Don’t know because you purchased the house with a pre-installed system already? It would be wise to check the age of the system as it may be time to upgrade

Most hot water systems’ life span averages between 8-12 years and even if yours is still “functioning” you might want to get it checked because it may be on its last legs. It would be unfortunate for it to break during the winter season. Another benefit of upgrading to a newer system is cost-efficiency. Most new systems are more energy-efficient and environmentally conscious. 

2. Water Colour

Be mindful of the colour of the water being released by your tap as it is an indicator of a rusting water system. Testing this is very simple, just collect some water in a completely clear glass that does not refract colour and compare it to bottled water. Noticeable colour differences are a sure sign to check and upgrade your hot water system. 

3. Leaks

Water leaks are a clear sign that something is wrong and that the unit needs repair or replacement. If you notice a leak or water gathering in places they shouldn’t then you are wasting water, money and also could experience further, more serious, problems in the future. Have a licensed technician inspect and provide solutions as needed. 

4. Water Temperature

If your water heater is not performing as it should, then you may notice the water not heating up to desired temperatures. You have a system for a reason and you could be wasting energy and money, if the system is failing to do its job of heating the water in your home. You’ll quickly notice a difference with a newer system if your current system has not been performing well. 

5. Excessive servicing

Do you find yourself constantly calling the maintenance guy to check on your hot water system? It could be a sign that you are in need of an upgraded system. Your system should only require minimal servicing and check-ups; it should work for you, not you have to work for it.  

Do any of these signs apply to you? Well, it’s time to consider updating your water heating system! Remember that updating your water heating system is an investment! Yes, there will be costs incurred at first but in the long-run, it will pay-off by giving you stress-free and more efficient access to hot water!  

We at Atomic Hot Water have partnered with trusted and well-known brands such as Rheem, Rinnai, and Bosch to provide our clients with the newest and best quality hot water systems. Click here to check our hot water systems.    



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