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Hot Water Emergency Services


Nowadays, more and more hot water specialists are adding emergency services to their list of offerings, but why?  

In this bog, we at Atomic Hot Water will discuss why there is a need for emergency hot water services. We will list the benefits of this offering and the different hot water issues that we fix with our emergency hot water services. 

Benefits of Emergency Hot Water Services 

1. Flexible Call-out Time

While we maintain our fixed operating hours, in our case at Atomic Hot Water which is Monday to Friday from 7:30 am – 4:30 pm, we still keep our lines open beyond those hours to respond to emergency plumbing situations. This adjustment is our way to ensure that you can access of our services even after our regular operating hours.                                                                                                                    

2. Cost-effective

The call-out fee for emergency services is higher than scheduled ones. But when a significant plumbing issue arises, it must be fixed quickly to avoid additional problems and costs. For example, a leaky pipe starts small, but when ignored, can burst and require replacing the damaged pipe instead.

3. Relaxed and Comfortable

Hot water systems are supposed to give you comfort, but when it breaks down suddenly, it can be troublesome. That is why we are offering emergency hot water services to our clients. It makes our clients feel secure knowing that they can contact us any time of the day to fix their water heater problems.  

Issues Under Emergency Services 

1. Water Leak

A water leak is one of the most common problems in hot water systems, and it may come from the storage tank, the pipes, or loose screws and connectors. At Atomic Hot Water, we respond to this type of problem as soon as possible because we understand its future consequences. Firstly, a water leak in your hot water system can result in water wastage and increase your water bill by up to 15%. Secondly, severe water leakage can lead to puddles, creating an unsafe environment and damaging your property. 

2. Sudden Changes in Water Quality

Those with storage tanks are commonly experiencing this problem because the changes happen within the tank. Sediment build-up and rusting inside the tank cause the hot water’s colour and smell to change. We include this in our emergency services because contaminated water is a severe health risk and must be taken care of as soon as it arises. Additionally, rusting signifies the age and quality of the tank, and that replacement or repairs are needed.

If you’ve experienced these issues or other hot water problems such as fluctuating water temperature, do not hesitate to call 02 9716 0252! Our team of hot water specialists will respond to your plumbing concern to fix it at par with industry standards. We repair all water heater problems with quality and efficiency so you won’t have to worry about issues reoccurring. 

If you’re living in the areas of Drummoyne, Five Dock, Newtown, Strathfield, and their neighbouring suburbs, save our contact number now. It will come in handy in the future when an emergency hot water problem is needed.

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