6 Reasons to Choose a Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water System

There are many reasons you should consider getting a continuous flow gas hot water system. It makes hot water on demand and doesn’t require a storage tank. Since no hot water is stored, you won’t have to worry about water waste or heat loss, and you can even save on your monthly expenses.


1. Inhibits bacterial growth

When using a continuous flow gas hot water system, the potential bacterial growth in your water is out of the picture compared to its other counterparts like the electric water heater. For the electric water heater, the growth of the bacteria is caused by the heating elements and not through the unit’s heating abilities.

The two most common Legionella bacteria found in Australia are called legionella pneumophila, found in water, and the legionella longbeachae, found in soil. Legionella pneumophila bacteria can contaminate air conditioning cooling towers, decorative fountains, humidifiers, whirlpool spas, shower heads and other bodies of water. 

This bacteria causes Legionnaire’s disease, which is a type of pneumonia. 

You get it by breathing in contaminated dust or mist from water that contains the bacteria. You can be exposed to this bacteria at home, at work, or in public places. 

2. Almost double the life expectancy of a traditional water heater

Traditional water heaters’ lifespan averages between eight to twelve years, while the continuous flow gas water heater system lasts between fifteen to twenty years. When choosing to use a continuous flow gas hot water system over the others, it will last longer and would save you a lot of money for its replacement. Choose a water heater system that would give your money value and be efficient enough to provide the hot water you need daily. 


3. Cleaner and fresher water

Another reason to switch to this type of heater system is that it gives out water with fewer sediments. The water from a traditional water heater tends to pick up bits of rust and sediments that build up the tank. Since the continuous flow gas hot water system has no tank, it stores no water within, which makes the water that comes out of your tap cleaner and fresher.


4. Suitable for smaller spaces

A continuous flow gas water heater system is roughly the same size as a small suitcase, unlike its other water heater counterparts that occupy a considerable space in your home. This type of heater is advisable for those with small spaces and homeowners with a particular aesthetic preference for making their homes more organised. 


5. It saves you money and energy

You generally save about $43 a month by running a tankless water heater. It is because tankless gas water heaters cost less to operate than electric water heaters by 33%. It prevents you from running out of hot water in the long run while not paying more for heating water which is essential in your daily life. 


6. Lower CO2 gas emissions

The gas water heater can produce as little as one-third of greenhouse gas emissions compared to an electric hot water tank. The amount of water you use can also be reduced with an environmentally friendly gas hot water system. 

You need to choose a water heater system that would work for your family and what are the main benefits you get from using it. Take into account the upfront costs, yearly maintenance and other factors to consider when choosing to use a gas water heater for you.

To learn more about the gas hot water system and other options available to you, you can call Atomic Hot Water at 1300 763 734 for reliable 24/7 service.


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