5 Benefits of Reliable Hot Water Systems

Should You Call Your Local Hot Water Installers?

Although Australia is known for its hot weather, we still have moments, especially in the winter months, where it can get cold. Regardless, we all love our hot morning showers which help us face the day. Having a reliable hot water system is essential and whether you are unsure if you need to call your local hot water installers for a new unit or just to ensure your current system is performing optimally, here are the top five benefits of having a reliable hot water system in your home. 

Why You Need a Reliable System

1. Keep you warm

This first benefit is an obvious one but nonetheless true. Having constant access to hot water is perfect for showers, baths or simply washing your face. You deserve to feel comfortable in your own home and hot water is a household must-have. Especially when it is colder it can make us feel uncomfortable and susceptible to different ailments such as the flu. Having hot water throughout your home keeps you warm and satisfied.

2. Good for your health

Aside from keeping your body warm, there are actually some health benefits warm water can bring to your body. Using hot or warm water for showers can help to improve blood circulation, especially during the winter season. It can also help relieve stress and assist in regulating the central nervous system.  Consuming warm water can also help with digestion so it’s great for your outer body and inner body. 

3. Kills most of the bacteria 

Water goes through a cleansing process and this involves boiling it. It is because hot water is effective at killing bacteria. For washing your body and washing dishes this high temperature is not needed, but even warm water is far more effective than cold water at killing bacteria. It would be unthinkable to wash our dishes in cold water but we can take our cleaning a step further and use warm to hot water for cleaning surfaces, walls and furniture. Hot water is a staple addition to our cleaning efforts and for good reason. 

4. Makes grease easier to clean

Having mentioned washing dishes already, but hot water is fantastic at cleaning nasty grease or food residue, Isn’t it irritating when you cannot remove grease from a ceramic plate and more so from a plastic container? So instead of wasting money by continuously using dishwashing soap or liquid, it is best to let the container or plate full of grease sit on warm water. This way, the grease will break down freely and faster instead of wasting your time and effort. Also, if you use warm water in cleaning the dishes, it will dry faster than using cold water in cleaning them. 

5. Lower Electricity Bill

During the winter season, electricity bills can significantly increase due to different appliances that are being used to keep the house warm.  Using a gas-powered water heater can help lower the electricity bills without breaking the bank. Another advantage of using a gas-powered water heater is that you will not have to worry about power interruption during those cold months.

These are just 5 benefits of having a reliable hot water system installed in your home. To know more about hot water heating systems, you may contact us at Atomic  Hot Water at 02 9716 0252. Our hot water specialists will be happy to assist you with any water heater questions that you have. 


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