Apricus APHP-R290-260

  • Type: Heat Pump Hot Water Heater
  • Storage Capacity: 260 litres
  • Model number: APHP-R290-260
  • Location: Indoor and Outdoor



Reduce energy costs up to 3 times compared to conventional electric and gas water heaters with our registered Clean Energy product, boasting an annual carbon reduction rating of 3 tonnes. The system also offers real-time power usage monitoring capabilities, putting households in charge of their power bills. Additionally, you can seamlessly integrate and maximize your PV system with in-built timer-controlled heat-up cycles, thanks to our dual heating technology, which incorporates an electric element for hot water up to 70°C. With a smart touch screen controller, optimizing the system has never been easier. Plus, our commitment to the environment is evident through the use of R290 natural refrigerant with zero global warming potential, as opposed to synthetic alternatives. And don’t forget, this product is eligible for various government rebate schemes, including those for solar and heat pump water heaters like STC, VEEC, and ESC.


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