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Running Out of Hot Water?

Waking up on a cold morning or returning from a long day of work, you want to have that nice hot shower… but when you turn the tap and wait for the steam, it never arrives because there is no hot water. That is the worst! This is why choosing the right hot water system is so important.

We are approaching the hotter days of summer so water heaters will be less used. As we are less reliant on our hot water during this period, installing or repairing hot water systems is a perfect time.

At Atomic Hot Water, we help our clients choose the best hot water systems for their households. We understand that sorting through hundreds of hot water heaters is a big task, so we’ve done it for you and have compiled a list of different types of hot water systems and their advantages and disadvantages. 

1. Electric Hot Water System

The first advantage of using an electric water heater is its availability. Most plumbers will offer this kind of hot water system, which leads to its second advantage, the installation price. This type of hot water system is relatively cheaper to install compared to others. However, electric water heaters are costly in the long run in both energy usage and maintenance. The third advantage is the option of having a tank that can store litres of hot water at specific temperatures or having an instantaneous electric water heater that does not require a tank and can provide your household with hot water instantly.

2. Gas Hot Water System

Gas hot water systems are a popular choice for many Australians. These water heaters come in gas storage and continuous flow hot water systems. These systems differ in how they provide hot water, primarily in maintaining the water temperature. Gas storage requires constant heating of the water, whereas continuous flow, also known as instantaneous systems, only heats the water as it passes through. 

The gas water heating system is similar to the electric, with the main difference being the price tag. A gas water heater may cost a little more during the installation process but can save you money in the long run by either having it connected to a gas line or using natural gas tanks. Opting for gas instead of electric also presents the advantage of knowing the system will remain unaffected during electrical power surges. Installing a gas water heater reduces the risk of running out of hot water.

3. Solar Water Heaters

Solar and heat pump water systems are the more modern equivalents of electric and gas systems. In recent years, solar and heat pump water heaters have grown popular. Their energy efficiency and environmentally friendliness are the main reasons Australians adopt either of these alternatives.

When it comes to solar hot water systems, there are two kinds. The first is active solar hot water systems. These systems rely on mechanical movement, often by pumps, to move hot water around the system. Active solar hot water systems are generally more popular and are either coupled with both the panels and tank on the roof or split by having the tank on the ground. These systems provide long term energy bill savings, reduce carbon emissions, and are cheaper to maintain.

Passive systems, however, rely upon gravity to move the hot water. These systems have a stronger dependence on gas or electric boosters on cloudy days or use more hot water. Whilst passive solar hot water systems are not as efficient as active systems; they are cheaper upfront. Therefore, if cost is your leading decision-maker, a passive system is more for you. 

4. Heat Pump Water Heaters

The heat pump hot water system is also a relatively new type. Heat pump water heaters use reversed refrigeration technology, generating heat using a heating element surrounding the system. 

Although upfront costs are high, heat pumps provide better energy bill savings in the long term as it uses only one-third of electricity compared to electric systems. These systems also have the added advantage of being more reliable at maintaining water temperature and consistently delivering hot water.

Choosing the right system will vary from home to home. If you are still second-guessing which water heating system to get, let us at Atomic Hot Water help you decide which one best fits your household! Contact us at  1300 763 734 or email us at service@atomichotwater.com.au to chat with one of our knowledgeable staff.



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