Stiebel Eltron DHE18AU Electric Instantaneous

Here we have a Steibel Eltron DHE18 Continuous Flow hot water system for sale. This unit is an Instantaneous three phase power electric hot water system.



General Information
This unit is an Instantaneous three phase power electric hot water system.
The DHE AU instant water systems deliver hot water with precision. Comfort is the number one priority as the DHE AU 18 and DHE 27 AU deliver hot water exactly to the degree. Utilising 4i Technology, the intelligent fully-electronic water system compensates for fluctuations in pressure and temperature and using its series of sensors it precisely regulates the hot water output. This ensures that you get your requested hot water temperature to the degree.
Product Details:

Model numbers: DHE 18 AU
Type: Continuous Flow Hot Water system
Capacity: 0.4 litres
Switch on flow rate: 2.5 L/min
Programmable temperature 20-60°C
Energy efficiency class: B
IP-Rating: IP25
Location: Outdoor

DHE instantaneous water system – an unfailing guarantee of hot water at exactly the right temperature.
The fully electronic DHE instantaneous water system provides hot water at the exact temperature you have set – every time. 4i technology guarantees that any factors which would change the outlet temperature are compensated for. This way you can enjoy a shower in comfort, even when someone is washing their hands at the adjacent washbasin.

Top-quality in operation too.
Due to the special haptic rotary selector, the appliance is very easy to operate: settings and adjustments are intuitive and take very little time. The set water temperature, ECO level and current power consumption can be seen clearly and concisely on the illuminated multifunction display. Energy consumption, flow rate, time, status and service display can be checked in the lower area.

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