Stiebel Eltron DHCE8/60 Electric Instantaneous

Here we have a Steibel Eltron DHCE 8/60 Continuous Flow hot water system for sale. This unit is an Instantaneous Single phase power electric hot water system.



General Information
Product Description:
Electronically controlled DHCE 8/60 delivers hot water instantly up to 60°C.
The STIEBEL ELTRON DHCE single phase instantaneous water system is electronically controlled and has been designed for low flow installations with a switch on flow rate at only 1.5 litres per minute. Compact in size, the DHCE can be installed in areas where space is premium.

Product Details:
High quality design
Electronically controlled
Three selectable temperature outputs for greater convenience
Tubular heating element
Installation flexibility
Delivers up to 60 degree Celsius hot water
No safe tray or drainage required (check local regulations)
Space saving compact design

The DHCE compact water system is electronically controlled which helps to save energy and water compared to older style hydraulically controlled instantaneous water systems.
The compact design of the DHCE is ideal for close to the point of use installation and also helps save water and energy by reducing the lag time for hot water to arrive at the outlet.

Model numbers: DHCE 8/50
Type: Continuous Flow Hot Water system
Capacity: 0.45 litres
Switch on flow rate: 1.5 L/min
Energy efficiency class: B
IP-Rating: IP25
Location: Outdoor

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