Rheem 551325 Heat Pump

Here we have a Rheem 325L Heat Pump hot water system for sale. Please note that all Supply and Installation prices include STC’s signed over to us as a point of sales discount, However all Supply Only prices require the customer to claim the STC’s back themselves.



General Information
Product Type: Heat Pump Hot Water System
Product Description:
The Rheem MPi Series Heat Pump is suitable for moderate – warm climates and average size families. A heat pump works day and night as it extracts heat from the surrounding air and doesn’t rely on direct sunlight to operate. The MPi-325 Heat Pump utilises multi-pass heating of the water and its Whisper technology enables quieter operation. It has frost protection and includes a back-up element as standard, delivering 60ºC hot water, even on the coldest winter nights.

Product Details:
325L Tank capacity is suitable for 2-5 people
Fitting locations make it an ideal replacement for an electric water system
Back up electric element ensures hot water on the coldest of winter nights
Cuts energy use1,2

Warranty: 5yrs Cylinder, 1yr Parts and Labour
LIFETIME Labour Warranty if system is installed by Atomic Hot Water

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