Rheem 492400 Electric Storage

Here we have a Rheem 400 litre twin element electric hot water system for sale. Buy large capacity Rheem Hot Water System 400L.



General Information
Product Type: Electric Storage Tank
Product Description:
The Rheem 400L Electric Water system is the ideal replacement for your old electric water system. Twin element model provides a daytime boost for high demand hot water use

Product Details:
Twin element model
Easy like for like replacement – common footprint and fitting locations to older model electric water systems ensures and easy changeover
Dual handed fittings – provides installation flexibility
Exclusive Rheem Ultranamel® Class Y enamel protects the cylinder with a tough, durable coating.
Thicker sacrificial anode – provides additional protection for cylinder against water borne contaminants
Suitable for connection to lower cost tariffs – resulting in lower running costs

Warranty: 12yrs Cylinder, 1yr Parts and Labour
LIFETIME Labour Warranty if system is installed by Atomic Hot Water

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