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Rinnai Infinity 26

Gas Continous Flow

Never run out of hot water again by converting over to a Natural Gas Rinnai Infinity 26 Continuous Flow Hot Water System!

Stiebel Eltron DHF15C

electric instantaneous

This hydraulically-controlled instantaneous water heater, with two-stage temperature selection, offers high output in the tightest of spaces.

Solar Hot Water System

Australia is blessed with free and abundant sunshine that can be used to heat water through solar hot water systems. Unlike conventional hot water systems, solar water heaters rely on natural energy, which is the sun. This system is proven effective at saving energy and money while producing less greenhouse gas emissions.






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Continous Flow Hot Water System

Rinnai HD200E

The HD200e is Australias most popular commercial continuous flow water heater.

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How Does the Solar Hot Water System Work?

A typical solar hot water installation must include:

  • Collectors – solar hot water installation requires collectors that directly capture and absorb the heat from the sun. It makes sense to install collectors on the rooftops for better energy capturing. There are two types of collectors: flat plate and evacuated tubes.
  • Heat Exchanger & Storage Tank inside the storage tanks are heat exchangers that need the transfer fluids to flow in it so that the heat from the pipes makes it possible to produce ready-to-use hot water.
  • Controller System – this system ensures hot water doesn’t exceed its intended temperature, in the same way, that it won’t allow cold water to surface during cold weather.
  • Backup Heater not every day is a bright and sunny day. That is why backup heaters are a requirement for those cloudy or rainy days. These backup heaters are gas- or electric-powered.

Types of Solar Hot Water Systems

Choosing the right solar water heating system makes all the difference.   There are several types available in the market, including:
  • Active vs Passive
  • Direct vs Indirect
  • Open vs Closed
  • Batch system

Considerations are to be made when assessing which types to go for. This would include your family size, roof and house type, and even the amount of available size you have.

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We supply, install and service all major brands. We provide service for all types of gas, electric, solar and heat pump water heaters, whether to supply a new one, service or replace an existing one or even upgrade or relocate your hot water system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Solar Hot Water System

Active systems require controller pumps to move antifreeze fluid and water, while Passive systems depend on gravity for fluid movement. Active systems are more efficient, but installation can be tedious.
In a Direct system, the water is heated directly from the sun, unlike in Indirect systems where water is stored and passes through heat exchangers, which then would heat it..
Upfront cost and buying the system will cost you money. However, since the sun’s energy is its primary fuel source, its energy consumption is 60% (at the minimum) lesser compared to other hot water systems.
Yes. Proper installation and maintenance of solar water heaters can be quite complex due to the many factors involved only a professional plumber can distinguish and act upon accordingly.
Maintenance of solar water heating systems should be done every 3 to 5 years, while those involving replacement of electrical parts must be checked per decade.


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