5 Signs For Hot Water System Replacement or Repair


At a Hot Water Crossroads?

Hot water systems are a staple in any household because they provide warmth and comfort. Knowing what signs to look for whether hot water system replacement or repair is needed can be the difference between a quick fix with minor costs and an expensive solution. Leading brands such as Bosch, Rheem, Rinnai, Stiebel Eltron and Servgas have been innovating their hot water systems for decades. These durable water heaters can withstand the test of time, however, issues may arise once in a while. 

Are you at the crossroads of deciding whether to have your hot water systems repaired or replaced? We have provided you with a list of guidelines to help you decide.   

When to repair or replace your hot water system?

Hot Water

1. Severity

When deciding whether hot water system replacement or repair is needed, there are some factors to consider. The first factor to consider is the severity of the problem. For example, an issue with water quality can commonly be resolved by draining and cleaning the tank, but there are times when the tank is too damaged already that it is starting to rust, and the inside coating is peeling off, which signifies a bigger problem.

To determine the best course of action we recommend seeking help from a hot water specialist if the problem is still repairable. You can also ask how quickly they can repair the problem or the possibility of it happening again soon.

2. Cost

Cost is the second factor. Hot water system repairs can be expensive so ask a hot water specialist if it is worth repairing. If the answer is yes, you can also ask how you can effectively maintain your hot water system at a relatively low cost after being repaired by the hot water specialist. 

3. Occurrence

The third question you should be asking is how often you encounter problems in your hot water system. If the same problem is recurring or several issues are starting to present themselves, start by tracking how much you spent fixing those problems. Once totalled, check how often you phone your hot water specialist and compare them to the cost of a new hot water system. Whatever the difference is, that should help you decide whether to keep the hot water system or replace it already. 

4. Age

The fourth factor is the age of the hot water system. The life expectancy of a hot water system is 10-20 years, however, it also depends on usage and maintenance. Hot water systems can last longer when regularly maintained, however, it is best to replace the system if the problems are recurring and irreparable due to age. 

5. Type: Solar, Electric, or Gas Hot Water Systems

The last factor in deciding whether you should have a faulty hot water system repaired or replaced is a personal preference. If you have an electric or gas hot water system and are considering switching to a solar one, you may replace it now since solar hot water systems have their advantages, such as being more environmentally friendly and cost-effective. By replacing the old one, you don’t have to deal with hot water issues for a long time, given that a hot water specialist maintains it well. 

Have you decided yet? 

If you need an opinion from a hot water specialist, we at Atomic Hot Water can help you. Call us at 02 9716 0252 and schedule an inspection with us. We check the severity of your hot water system’s problem and provide you with a list of options. Aside from hot water repairs, we can also install brand new hot water systems from the leading brands available in the market. 

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